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ICS Staffing Canada Inc. is a federally registered corporation which provides its clientele with multi-faceted services. Empowered by the strength of its offshore alliances, ICS Staffing Canada is a one-stop shop for manpower service, placement & immigration assistance, domestic assistance and healthcare program.

IMS Wellthcare
offers the first Daily Benefit Program in the Philippines healthcare industry. The IWC gold card opens the gateway to high quality healthcare services from 8000 highly trained doctors/specialists and from more than 400 accredited hospitals and clinics all over the country.
ICS International Placement & Assistance Company
was born out of the incorporators' passion & strong desire to go into endeavor that would enable Filipinos to excel in their careers in global economy. Through its offshore partnership, ICS-IPAC is committed in providing Filipinos with high quality career options and opportunities.